CM YS Jagan launches Diplomatic Outreach event in Vijayawada

Vijayawada: AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched International Diplomatic Outreach event in Vijayawada on Friday. The program is conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, where 50 delegates representing 30 nations have participated. Along with the Chief Minister, Ministers B Rajendranath Reddy, M Gotham Reddy, B Satyanarayana, Chief secretary LV Subrahmanyam and others attended the event.

Speaking on the occasion, CM YS Jagan said the unique initiation has started here. He thanked the Centre for coming forward to make this a reality. The CM said though the state doesn’t have tire I cities, such as Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, it has the inheritance strengths. The region has 975 km coastal line, including four ports, he said.

“Above all, I would like to speak about our governance. The important thing that attracts investments is how stable the government has been. And I can take pride in telling you that the total mandate was given to us. We have scored 86% of the seats with 151 MLAs and 21 MPs,” the CM said. “We also share a phenomenal good relationship with the Central government and with the neighboring Telugu state of Telangana, and not to ignore Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. These could also add to our strength when we market ourselves to the outside world,” he said.

The CM said that today most governments suffer in providing corrupt-free government and giving transparent policies. “The government takes pride to say that here it is committed to offering corrupt-free governance and transparent policies,” CM YS Jagan said. A fair policy is what is important in attracting the investments and the government will stand as a role model in delivering these commodities. The government recently passed an enactment in the Assembly, and this bill is the first in the country. “I think it would set new standard to the nation in bringing the transparency at the highest level in every transaction that takes place in AP,” he said. He said addressing these things would give confidence because otherwise there is no point. “Everything, we do should have honesty and commitment. I think sincerity, commitment, and honesty are the things that drives anybody to come and have faith in us,” he said. CM added that we recently decided re-renegotiate on the power purchase agreements (PPAs) especially these high rates PPAs, which has become slightly controversial. But I would like to draw your attention to one simple aspect that what is the point in having the PPAs if the Discoms are not in a position to pay the bills. By the time I got into the Chief Ministers post and taken the review of the Discoms, the officials told me that we have Rs 20,000 crore arrears. The previous government was not paying the bills for the past one to two years then what is the point in having these PPAs. So what we did was tried to re-renegotiate. CM Said. So we are coming out with win-win formula policy where we are bringing them into the reality that the Discoms can’t function like these when the revenues are lower, and cost of procurement is far higher. The only way we can do this is to bring a sustainable model where the rates come down. If we don’t come out with these kinds of innovative ideas, then there is nothing left to offer anything. CM YS Jagan said that the government has also recently enacted 75% local reservation. He noted that even the other side of the world, the governments are talking about jobs to locals. The situation prevails all over the world. Today, any industry that comes up anywhere adds to the pollution in that area, he said, and added that whether in small or large quantum, it all depends on the factory. And why would anybody give lands to them willingly when they have no hope of getting a job? he asked. The issue should be looked in a proactive way and this is pro-industry, the CM said. “We need to give people hope that we welcome industries. When there is a hope that they would get jobs in some industry, only then the people would want the industries to come. It should be treated as a proactive step,” Jagan said. Further, the CM asked what about the talents and skills that needed for the industries? He said that the government has a clear-cut policy. “Before the industry is set up you give us the list of what qualifications you are looking at, and once we have the list of your requirements, then we’ll work with you in developing that skill,” he added. For which, the government will set up a skill development center at every Parliament segment, and it will actively work with you and develop the required skills. We are not asking for funding there. The government will support the students to develop these skills. “We made this a concept because if this is not addressed, then we have so much of unrest everywhere,” the CM said.


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